Set my Feet. Aim High. Follow Through Everyday

the NBA and Olympics were within his reach because of his will2Win

Will offers motivational messages, keynotes, training and coaching
for athletes, students, and organizations.

He helps them to: find, focus, fuel
and forge their Will2Win.

Will2Win is a mindset that recognizes growth as
the outcome of a need to STRETCH
beyond comfort zones and increase our reach.

Will Njoku believes that flexible growth persists when the
Set my feet, Aim high, Follow through Every day (S.A.F.E.) Strategy is applied.

Watch Will in Action:

S.A.F.E. strategy

  • Set my feet by asking, “ am I grounded from within?”
  • Aim High by asking, “what do I want to accomplish?”
  • Follow Through by asking, “what action will I take?”
  • Every day ask, “how will I maintain success?