“The moment I realized I belonged in the NBA, I was standing on the Indiana Pacers basketball court with all eyes on me. By then, it was too late”

Sharing his journey

Will is an NBA Draft Pick (1994) and Canadian National Basketball Team standout. He has visited almost 55 countries as an athlete; his globetrotting continues as an educator, coach and speaker.  His Will2Win message inspires audiences to embrace discomfort, failures and upsets as opportunities to be stretched and experience growth. 

Professional athletes maintain their  tremendous skills by stretching. When his name was called by the Indiana Pacers, life had already stretched Will Njoku out.  Yet, he wasn’t loose or limber, instead, he was lost.  How he found his way to success as world-class athlete, an entrepreneur, father, teacher?  His WILL2win. Will executed his life moto.  He set his feet, aimed high and followed through, everyday.  He holds a degree in psychology from Saint Mary’s University and a Bachelor of Education from Crandall University.  Originally from Ghana, he grew up in Halifax, NS.  He resides in Moncton, NB, where he educates in the classroom and court.

“His honesty really brought a whole rich level to the conversation he had with out students.”    
  Ms. J. McNutt, Principal
Saint Mary’s Bay Academy, NS

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